Personal Care Collection Testimonials

“Love yer stuff for sitting on the porch without getting bugged out.”

- J. G.

"This is the best product that I use for mosquitos or any bug ever.  My mother came from Michigan and she said the same thing.  I like it very much and will use it forever"

October 12, 2022

- Maria Temponi, Rocklin, CA


"...we have been using Jack's Gnat Attack here and we love it.  I definitely want to get some for the horses next from you."

- Karen C.  Legends in the...  Mulberry, FL

"I got bitten on the ankle by some tiny critters. Numbs and terrible itch. I suffered for one night then thought of your gnat attack. I rubbed it on the bites and the pain and itch went away. Miracle. Jack, your formula works. I now apply it in the morning and just before bed. Congrats! It's a winner. Relief in a bottle."

- Don S. 

“8 of us had dinner in the backyard last night. One of the tables was even in the grass. None of us got bitten thanks to Jack’s Gnat Attack! Love this stuff!”

-  Dawn S.

“Hi Jack. I used it twice on days that I should have been bitten by a mosquito. The product works excellent. No mosquito bites.”

- Dr. Sheldon Wernow

“I love it. Since we’re camping we have a lot of bites and fire ant bites. We use it to help the itch.”

- Kelby Farnsworth

“Yes. it worked. thank you. its still in my car in case i get a bug bite on the go i can use it.”

- Agnes Magyer YMCA Instructor

“Hi. Worked well this afternoon. I used it during my lessons. Even let my last two Juniors of the day sample some. Love the smell!”

- Kimberly Lawlor LPGA professional

“Awesome! Btw I used some on a bite I got this morning & worked marvelously.”

- Melody Mitchell

“After I got your product....We were eating outside and bees and flies really like to annoy us. I sprayed your spray on my arms and on a napkin on the table. That helped to keep them away. I was so happy about that.”

- Kathleen Billings

“So I used your product this weekend and it worked great!”

- Paul Grey, Carve Craft Vodka

“Bottom line, your product is working at least as well as Deep Woods Off without spraying deet all over my body. We really enjoy your oil of cloves – it’s much better than Deep Woods Off’s aroma.”

- Robert Hill