About Us

We moved from Northern California to Florida in 2016.  We quickly encountered a new world of biting and stinging bugs!  The search for something to ward off the insects began - without success.  Going outside at night became a dangerous adventure.

We were often bitten by no-see-ems and other gnats and the suffering began.

Recently a particularly bad attack occurred and I (Jack) was up for two nights  scratching my almost unimaginable itches!  I bought everything available at the pharmacy to stop the itching but nothing worked for me.

On the 3rd morning Judy & I went to the Atlantic Ocean nearby and I finally found some relief for my itches by walking in the surf and cooling off my ankles. Problem was though that I couldn't stay walking in the surf all day.

When I came home and began searching the web for relief I was told that the itch would last for 14 days if I scratched, which I knew I would do unless I found relief.

So I went into my lab and began to search for something that could bring me immediate relief.  And I discovered it!  I call it Jack's Gnat Attack and believe that "It's Pure Blue Magic"®

Additionally I began to apply it as a Bug Repellent lotion before I went out and found out that it created a barrier on my skin to ward off new attacks.

Thus was born Jack's Gnat Attack!  "It's Pure Blue Magic"®

Try it, I guarantee it worked for me. I believe it will work for you!  I am happy to report that It is now working for hundreds of new users.

"I have a good feeling this is going to work for you too!" Captain Jack

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