How it all came to be, as told to Marcy Taylor

Hi Marcy:
It started when I was so badly bitten by gnats that I could not sleep.  After two nights we went to the beach and I found relief by walking in the surf.
When I came. home I did some research and found that if I continued to scratch I could expect the itch to persist for 14 days.  I had to find something to relieve my pain because nothing I bought at the pharmacy did the job.  
So I started creating and after some trial and error I found a formula which worked for me.  It stopped my itch!  
Then I wondered how it would do as a repellent and so I put it to the test on 4th of July night by sitting in my front yard and watching neighborhood fireworks for almost 2 hours with Jack’s Gnat Attack swabbed all over my exposed skin areas..  When I came in I had not one single bug bite!!  It’s Pure Blue Magic!
I decided to start a business based on what I consider “Pure Blue Magic” and have opened up my internet storefront using Shopify.  One of my first sales was to a friend in Maui who bought "The Bug Squad”.  He owns horses so he tried the product on them and it worked wonders.  So he ordered 1 gallon of Jack’s Gnat Attack - Pure Blue Magic and the girl who tends the horses says it continues to work wonderfully.  So my Equine Division was formed.
Today I just sent product to a friend in Texas, both for his personal use from the People line and for his horses, from the Equine Line.  
I am now consumed with making this into a real business and having great fun along the way.
I have sent out my Equine Video to many of our friends who own horses or in your case know people who own them.  Your friends in Big Fork come to mind.
Judy mentioned that Linda has a brother in Pennsylvania with a big interest in horses.  Hopefully we can get the word out to them and they wil go to my sight and give the product a try.  It’s Pure Blue Magic!
Cheers from sunny Florida!
Captain Jack