Crazy Itch!

Recently I took the dog out for an evening walk and was bitten by no-see-ums on my legs around my ankles. Later that evening I was awoken by the itching and began to scratch.  It was terrible and I was soon out of bed and searching the medicine cabinet for something to relieve my pain.  Nothing worked and I was up half the night, suffering.  

The next day I again dealt with constant itching, more applications from the medicine cabinet, and more suffering.  That night was a repeat of the previous night with me up half the night scratching and suffering.

I awoke on Sunday morning with plans to call my doctor Monday morning to search out more options to relieve my itch. My wife Judy & I went to the ocean near our home with our dog Baron and I quickly made it to the surf to seek out some relief for my now swollen ankles.  And oh what pleasure I was able to achieve with the cool Atlantic Ocean splashing around my legs!

Unfortunately as soon as I left the surf the itching returned and my resolve to find a cure began.  I went to the internet and learned that some said the itching would go away in 7 days if I didn't scratch or 14 days if I did scratch.  I felt like my life would go on hold until I could find relief and was not prepared to accept that diagnosis.

So I went into my makeshift lab and began to experiment with ingredients that made common sense to me.  After some trial and error I found a formula that worked!  I now call it BLUE MAGIC!

After I applied it liberally to my legs with a large cotton swab I had almost immediate cooling of my skin and within about 60 seconds the itching began to subside.  Oh the joy!!

Next I began to consider how to make this product work as a Insect Repellent.  I made some adjustments to my formula to retain the anti-itch properties but also work as a repellent and what you will now find in Jack's Gnat Attack is a pleasant smelling lotion to you but with a distasteful odor to the insect work.  It has been formulated to adhere to your skin and provide a discouraging barrier to bugs!  Two purposes in 1.

So my suggestion is to give my product a try - both for it's anti-itch properties and for it's repellent barrier.

"I have a good feeling this is going to work for you!"

Captain Jack (I'm a 60 second man!)