Bugs Bite Horses & People

Hi Marcy:
People should want to use Jacks Gnat Attack because it:


for people and horses.  The video I sent you is based on a true story!
I have a lineup of products for the People Market and for the Equine Market on my website. www.JacksGnatAttack.com  
After researching the matter I have created a package of both lines which I call “The Combo”.  It is 1 4oz bottle for the People and 1 pint for the Horses.  The Horse formula has more horsepower in the formula!
It cost $24.95 and can be ordered from my website.  It cost $8.30 for Priority Mail two day delivery.
I can also offer you a gift certificate that you could buy and send to these people.
Talk to Judy for her story, right from the “horse’s mouth" so to speak!
Captain Jack